The words " Students'
Transformation and
Enrichment for Truth
surround the sun, which
symbolizes the light of Truth.
The three human figures on
the horizon running towards
it represent Luzon, Visayas,
and Mindanao, signifying the
national scope of STET-VIP's vision, mission, and goal:


    To develop social entrepreneurs serving communities as value-driven
    innovators for progress.


    To protect and enhance the Filipino youth's physical, mental, spiritual,
    and socio-emotional well-being, inculcate patriotism, nationalism, and
    encourage their involvement in public and civic affairs.


    To promote and integrate values education, transformational leadership,
    and sustainable social mobilization for youth and family development,
    community building, national renewal, and global solidarity.


    STET-VIP  Inc., is a Commission on Higher Education(CHED) and
    Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)
    accredited non-profit, non-stock  NGO to formulate and administer NSTP
    training modules. It has tax exempt status with the Bureau of Internal
    Revenue (BIR). The Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) has
    duly certified STET-VIP, Inc.,  with a Certificate of Registration from BIR
    as a Donee Institution.

     In 1995 Values Integration and Promotion (VIP)
    began as a sub-program of the Student’s
    Transformation and Enrichment for Truth (STET)
    paradigm. Dr. Vivian A. Gonzales conceived and
    pioneered STET-VIP when she was Dean of
    Students at UP Los Baños. Two stars flanking
    the year represent the intellect and will which  
    make up the soul. It is through these two that
    one attains competence and excellence.

           The theory, operation, and implementation of
    VIP is undertaken for the welfare and service of society’s
    less fortunate members. It integrates military discipline
    and tradition with social entrepreneurship in order to foster nationalism and patriotism for
    national development and global solidarity.
           The circle represents the totality of a human being. It is divided into four representing
    VIP’s four interrelated human dimensions: the spiritual, socio-emotional, mental, and

          A burning torch symbolizes the spiritual dimension, which illuminates the other three
    dimensions. It is the fire that leads the individual towards the truth, purifies the darkened
    soul, and guides one in pursuit of what is good. The fire’s three tongues represent the three
    theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. The red flame depicts the cardinal virtue of
    Prudence, without which the three other cardinal virtues of Justice, Fortitude, and
    Temperance will be extinguished.
            An open palm, evoking the humility in genuine service and leadership, symbolizes the
    socio-emotional dimension. The palm’s five fingers correspond to the five major components
    of the STET paradigm. These are: the Situational Analysis for Integrative Leavening (SAIL),
    Leadership Education and Administrative Development (LEAD), Holistic Emancipation from
    Life’s Pressures (HELP), Worthy Organizational Reaffirmation of Knowledge for Society
    (WORKS), and Continuing Action for Re-engineering and Empowerment (CARE). SAIL
    involves the consultative and participatory processes in the identification of needs, issues,
    and concerns students can help address. LEAD carries out capability building leadership
    through training, education, and development using a principle-centered leadership
    approach. HELP provides the guidance, assistance and support necessary in responding to
    the felt needs and prevailing  concerns identified by communities. WORKS provides a
    support mechanism for student-initiated social mobilization projects which improve the
    quality of community life. CARE serves as the means by which project benefits are
            An open book represents the eternal quest for knowledge and learning. The seven
    lines written on the book’s right page symbolizes the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
    Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord. The
    lines on the left page depict the virtues considered to be the foundation of leadership:
    Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Industry, Fortitude, Loyalty, Responsibility, Cheerfulness,
    Generosity, Magnanimity.
           The basketball was chosen to represent the human being’s physical dimension. It’s
    round shape signifies the need for balancing the needs of one’s physical well-being to carry
    out the purpose of one’s existence. It is placed below the burning torch to emphasize that
    human physical acts must be guided spiritually.
            As a spiritual being, one must cultivate a response to God’s call. Gifted with a mind,
    the desire to seek for truth and knowledge is constant. The sense of social responsibility
    and an awareness of one’s unique participation in the pursuit of the common good is
    likewise essential.

           All these are actualized in every human act, and can only be properly achieved if one
    is physically healthy. It is imperative that all four dimensions be given equal importance to
    achieve the balance necessary for one to fulfill one’s purpose, which lies at the heart of