Come Fly With Us

FLYING IN A V-formation enables a flock of swans to travel seventy percent
farther and faster than one swan flying by itself.

In breaking the trail, the lead swan minimizes air resistance for the rest of the
flock. When it is tired, it drops back and a new leader takes over, giving it
opportunity to rest.

Recognizing the leader in each one is how swans survive the three thousand
mile journey to their northern breeding grounds. It is also why those who have
been part of the STET-VIP experience continually make a difference in their
schools and communities. STET-VIP is for those who recognize how virtues can
propel entire schools and communities to soar above a lethargy—spawned by
complacent bureaucracies, inescapable poverties, and overwhelming
disillusionments—that has become difficult to rise above.

STET-VIP first took flight in UPLB in 1995, maintained by a small flock of
advocates and volunteers. Today, STET-VIP is dedicated to a tradition of
leadership, excellence, and social responsibility both within and outside the
confines of the University it first called its home. Now with a national
audience, STET-VIP is more determined to reflect STET’s courageous
commitment to serve the people for God’s glory.

As we take flight from where we last took off, embarking on a voyage as
exciting as it is familiar, we salute all those who have expressed their
unflinching commitment to STET-VIP’s ideals before us, and those willing to
carry the same commitment onward to the future, enabling us to soar even
farther and faster than we once did.
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