You have entered the official website of the Students’ Transformation and
Enrichment for Truth-Values Integration and Promotion (STET-VIP).
Whether you are an alumnus/alumnae of our Qualifying Course or a pilgrim
who has been led here for whatever rhyme or reason, thank you for giving
us your time.

Since our inaugural course in May 2002, we have held 56 STET-VIP Qualifying
Courses for Coordinators/Instructor- Facilitators/Volunteers/ Stakeholders of
the National Service Training Program (NSTP), which over 800 Philippine
Higher and Technical Education Institutions (HTEIs) have participated in. Our
course is designed to help HTEIs to effectively carry out the NSTP. RA 9163 took many HTEIs by surprise and there was a shortage of educators skilled in the art of institutionalizing a community service program. Many HTEIs assigned faculty members from different disciplines to handle NSTP and though these educators are well versed in their respective fields, most of them are unfamiliar with the NSTP implementation.

We have created this website in order to remain relevant to the dynamism of the NSTP and distinct mission of every HTEIs in the Philippines – each with their own emerging issues and concerns. This website is meant to reinforce the discussions, exercises, and workshops held during our Courses. Along with the Annual National Convention, Kabalikat Awards, and Alumni Homecoming it will also help us update our Qualifying Course alumni. For those new to the STET-VIP, consider this website an opportunity to know more about our advocacies, projects, and partnership with the Department of Education (DepEp) on the STET-VIP Citizenship Advancement Training/National Service Program (CAT/NSP) for fourth year High School students in the Philippines, and our collaboration through the VIPinoy Movement.

This brief introduction is just part of the pleasure of our new website meant
to invite you to the more substantial delight of exploring it.
So once again, Welcome!


Qualifying Course for
Venue: Noami's Botanical Garden
Barangay Banadero, Ozamis City
Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Date: October 24-26, 2012

Qualifying Course for
Venue: St. Ezekiel Moreno Spirituality and
Development Center, San Jose,
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Date: December 8-10, 2012

Those who are interested to participate in the
aforementioned upcoming events and who
would like to receive a letter of invitation please
text or e-mail STET-VIP indicating the following:

  • Name of Participant
  • Name of School
  • Name of head of school
  • Telephone/fax number
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile phone number

  • 10th STET-VIP NSTP CAT/NSP Annual National Convention, Kabalikat Awards, and Alumni Homecoming
    and 56th STET-VIP NSTP CAT/NSP Qualifying Course for Coordinators/Instructors-Facilitators/Volunteers/Stakeholders
    Guests, Alumni, and Participants posed last May 01, 2012 at Maryridge Healing and Renewal House, Iruhin West, Tagaytay City